We are happy to share our new single “The Last Judgment” with you!

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The Last Judgment is an epic 10-minute long modern symphonic metal song, telling the story of the last day on earth of the protagonist and the last moments before she dies. Her fate is undecided until her sins are weighed and the bell tolls… With thundering guitars, epic orchestral sounds and powerful drums this song is a fitting soundtrack for the apocalypse.

We hope you enjoy the song and share it with your metal friends!

Music & lyrics: Sjors Bes

Vocals: Fabienne Hurkens
Guitars and harsh vocals: Mike van Keulen
Bass: Sjors Bes
Drums and harsh vocals: Willem Peters

All instruments recorded in The Netherlands
Audio produced, mixed and mastered by by Stijn Welp
Video editing by Stijn Welp
Cameras operated by Jop van Buuren, Ruben Lammerts and Stijn Welp Cover artwork by Stijn Welp

© + ℗ 2023

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